Most Americans are more than aware of Father’s Day and Mother’s Day – but what about National Grandparents Day?

The holiday, which falls on September 10th, is an opportunity to connect with your older family members in a more meaningful way.

Because it may be difficult to get the verbal ball rolling, however, Acknowledge Media has put together a list of questions and conversations that you can ask your grandparents.

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As a free resource for conducting customized grandparent interviews, the Maryland-based company also offers a searchable database of 365 questions (one for each day of the year).

1) Would you tell me about the day my mother (or father) was born?

2) How did you meet your spouse?

3) What were your mother and father like?

4) When is a time in life that you have been happiest?

5) What is something you know now that you wish you had known when you were younger?

6) What was one of your greatest struggles? How did you cope with or overcome it?

7) What do you consider your greatest accomplishments?

8) Is there anything you would change if you could do it all over?

9) What do you want to be known for?

10) What are your hopes for your grandchildren/great-grandchildren as we grow older?

If you believe that your grandparent’s story should be shared or preserved, Acknowledge Media is a company that creates documentaries out of interviews, keepsakes, music, photos, and videos of your family members.

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“To know one’s legacy is to understand one’s place in the world,” says the company’s website. “By recording the stories and history of your family, you can build a critical bridge, linking the past to future generations and giving your children and grandchildren a stronger sense of self.”

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