100 Facebook friends arrive at School-KATUvidHalsey Parkerson ate lunch with his aunt on the South Salem High School campus last week and overheard a demeaning comment about the Junior class student having no friends.

So she contacted her car club on Facebook and asked them to show up the following day and become a force of friendship for the teen.

50 cars arrived, one after another, clogging the parking lot to rally with support.

“It’s just unbelievable,” Parkerson told KATU. “I now know whenever I get bullied I’ll raise my head up and say, ‘Sorry, I have too many friends to think I’m being bullied.'”

When the offending student was approached by Parkerson and his new Facebook chums he immediately recanted, offered a sincere high-five and apology.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from KATU)

Thanks to Craig Withers for suggesting the story! – Photo from KATU video

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