Love of baseball was an easy transition for this mathematics teacher because baseball is all about the numbers–and with #105 on her jersey for the total years this spit-fire has been laughing with gusto.

Major League Baseball threw her a Texas party on Wednesday, allowing Elizabeth Sullivan to throw out the first pitch at the Rangers game.

She practiced in her yard throwing over-handed, saying that when she was in school they only allowed girls to pitch under-handed.

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She attributes her long life to drinking three Dr. Pepper sodas every day since she was a girl. She knows they contain a lot of sugar but sees no ill effects.

“Everybody said it would kill me, but they die and I don’t.” she told NBC in Dallas. “I still don’t take any medication and they still can’t find anything wrong with me.”

She says she‘s watched every Texas Ranger game for the last fifteen years. When she was informed she would be throwing out the first pitch, she hooted and hollered–but she wasn’t nervous.

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“After you pass a hundred, you don’t get nervous,” she joked, with a contagious chuckle.

(Watch the moment she learned of her big day, above— and SEE her make the pitch below)

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