Walter Thomas Grandpa Garage Youtube

Usually when you hear stories about older people crashing cars into buildings, it’s by accident.

But when 91-year-old Walter Thomas of Woodstock, Illinois rammed a car through a garage door, it was a very deliberate dream come true.

 When Thomas told his granddaughter Becky that his one and only fantasy was to drive through a garage door, she got to work figuring out how to make it happen.

Eventually, she and her family were able to track down both a demolition car and a elderly playground screenshot PRIgarage door that was already worn down and going to be replaced anyway.

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When Thomas came crashing through the garage in reverse, Becky said “It was like he was a little boy again.”

Thomas says the garage stunt was so much fun he might consider sky diving next.

(WATCH the stunt below from Steve Hartman’s On the Road) Photo: Youtube

–Story by Sabrina Dames
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