Turner family photoHere is an inspirational and well-timed story for National Adoption Day, Nov. 20. The subjects in the story happen to be Good News Network readers, Michael and Molly Turner!

When Michael and Molly were first dating, the young couple knew that over time things would change, but there always was one constant — they wanted to adopt.

Neither was a product of the foster care system nor came from an adoptive home. But they considered it a reflection of their Christian values to open their home and their hearts to kids waiting for a mom and dad.

So in March 2008, the Turner household grew by four when they took in children from Texas.

“We were able to have children, but we wanted to be able to provide a home for children who might not be able to have a home,” said Molly, 33.

She believed the kids needed a chance to become “amazing, happy, productive members of society” instead of languishing in the foster care system.

Molly found the four kids by browsing the Heart Gallery of America, a project that uses professional photographers to shoot enticing pictures of kids waiting to be adopted. It is a browsable by state, and includes bios.

Thinking of adopting? Visit the Heart Gallery, read the Good News Network story: Photographers Double Adoption Rates for Foster Care Kids After Photo Exhibits

(READ the Turners’ story at the Tri-city Herald)

Turner family photo


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