Google Apple Facebook-Greenest tech cos-GreenpeaceGraphicApple, Google, and Facebook are the powerhouse internet companies all sourcing their energy with renewable power, according to the new Greenpeace annual report on energy sourcing by technology companies.

Apple’s commitment to derive all its energy from renewables like solar and geothermal earned it the number one spot on the list. It surged to the top after building the largest privately owned solar farm at its North Carolina data center.

Facebook, at #2, has made huge strides forward since 2012, and a significant wind energy investment in Iowa, to become one of the clear green internet leaders.

34% of Google’s operations are powered by clean energy earning the massive company the #3 slot. By sheer volume of renewables purchased, it leads the lot. and Twitter are two black spots on an otherwise green landscape, receiving 3 F’s and a D on each of their renewable report cards and failing miserably in their transparency with regards to energy sources.

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