Following last week’s 7.8 magnitude earthquake, military personnel and emergency crews have already evacuated over 900 Kaikoura residents along with all of their most prized possessions.

One of those residents, however, had some pretty unusual baggage that he refused to leave without: his 30,000 bees.

The New Zealand Defense Force lent a hand in the rescue and moved the insects onto the evacuation ship in a wooden crate.

MORECows Trapped by New Zealand Earthquake Are Finally Rescued

“The ship does a meticulous count of everything we bring on board as a matter of course. Last Saturday, we evacuated 192 people together with 2.3 tonnes of baggage, one cat, 14 dogs and about 30,000 bees. They were one thing we didn’t count exactly,” Commander Simon Rooke of HMNZS Canterbury told the NZ Herald. “I smiled when I read the cargo manifest just before we sailed. It is the type of entry you’d probably see if they did an inventory of what went into Noah’s Ark.”

Kaikoura is a relatively small tourist town on the east coast of the South Island, New Zealand with a population of 3,500 people. Since the earthquake struck last week, 250 tons of supplies have already been delivered.

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