Anita Mills before-and-after photosAnita Mills has been overweight for as long as she can remember. She recalls “plumping up” at age 5 and weighing 200 pounds in junior high.

The doctor warned her that her life depended on her ability to lose weight. He gave her a piece of paper with four simple steps for her to follow. She started the simple regimen in August 2009.

  1. Eat 8 ounces of food every 3 hours
  2. No sugary drinks
  3. Do not skip meals
  4. Do not tell anyone what you’re doing

So that’s what she did. Almost two years later, Mills has dropped 232 pounds from her body and has trimmed her waist down to 26 inches, fitting into a size 6.

She regularly works-out (loves Richard Simmons and Zumba) and set to walking 5 days a week.

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