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In a historic moment, after four years of negotiations, FARC rebels in Colombia have signed a peace deal with the government, bringing to an end decades of armed conflict and setting up a process for reconciliation and reintegration.

“We can say the armed conflict is over and the exchange of ideas has begun,” said Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos at the signing ceremony Wednesday night.

Under the agreement, FARC, The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia People’s Army will turn in its weapons and become a political movement, similar to the path taken by the Irish Republican Army in 1998.

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The “ideas” that were iterated in the peace accord include serious agrarian reform on behalf of the government, and reparations for thousands of victims of the war.

It also creates a United Nations-backed commission to monitor the implementation of the agreement.

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The deal follows a cease fire between the two sides in June. It will be presented to the people of Colombia in a referendum in October.

(WATCH the video below from TeleSUR)

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