zen-businessman.jpgHow do you stimulate your own economy so you get the results you deserve rather than getting caught up in the mass consciousness of lack that’s become so pervasive these days.

Here are seven stimulating secrets that’ll get you back on track. Wealthy people depend on these principles to keep their cash flow humming so when someone asks them about their business they can honestly and enthusiastically say, “We must be doing something right. My business hasn’t been impacted by this at all.”

If you’re like millions of business owners you put on a happy face to the rest of the world that says, “Everything’s great!” but on the inside you may be concerned about what’s happening with your cash flow lately.

  1. Stay away from the nattering nabobs of negativity. Whether its cable news almost predicting Armageddon lately, or, just the people you meet at a networking mixer who have fear all over their face, your job is to stay away from anything less than optimistic. About 10-15 minutes of news a day is all you need to keep up to speed with what’s happening. Turn off the news and focus on the 99 percent of the world that’s just fine.
  2. Make progress every day and give yourself credit. Focus on doing what gives you the greatest results. Creating a successful business is about moving energy and building momentum. Consider all the thrust it takes to get a jet off the ground. Except the most important work you do may not be about running around. The most important work can be about consciously shifting your mindset. Then, when you take action amazing things happen.
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  4. Speak with enthusiasm and passion. Wealthy people attract others to their dreams by speaking with passion, enthusiasm and confidence. They give the impression they just know their product or service is amazing and their business will be a winner. Once you launch your business stop looking for validation. Get over feeling like you need “permission.” If you offer good value and products or services that help others you don’t need permission or validation from anyone.
  5. Be bold. One bold stroke to get the word out can do much more than dozens of hesitant, little moves. This means expanding your comfort zone because your business growth doesn’t happen any faster than your personal growth. This mean when you decide you’re going to get on a radio talk show or do some other promotion that’ll make a big splash you do it with your head up, with boldness and confidence.
  6. Understand the importance of marketing. Marketing is about building relationships – but it’s more than smiling and chatting with other business owners at a networking mixer. Your marketing message goes out ahead of you. It precedes you. It should filter out people not likely to do business with you and filter in people who are likely to do business with you. Filtering means when you actually talk with a prospective customer chances are they already know about you and are partially pre-sold making sales much easier. Niche marketing is a way to filter. Ask if you can better thrive when focusing on a niche.
  7. Be emotionally compelling. People still have wants and needs. What’s lacking right now is trust and confidence. When people feel you understand, empathize and have a solution for their problem they will do business with you. Too many business owners try to play it safe because they think customers will buy based only on features and benefits. They must see how your features and benefits help them solve their problems.
  8. Ask for the sale. Some business owners enjoy building the relationship however they’re afraid they might mess it up by asking for the sale. Don’t be pushy but do be willing to confidently guide and direct a conversation. After I’ve explained everything about what I offer, me fees and answered all their questions and gotten strong signals they are interested my closing question is, “When would you like to get started?”

By following these seven secrets you’ll crack the code on stimulating your own economy. You’ll discover more people are receptive and open to what you offer. They will come to trust you and have confidence in you and as a result your cash flow will increase. You will be in your own flow of wealth and abundance so when people ask you about your business you can sincerely smile and say, “My business is great!!”

Denise Michaels is the author of Testosterone-Free Marketing: The Yin and Yang of Marketing for Women.

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