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A seven-year-old super fan of the Star Wars saga was concerned about the “no marriage” rule for Jedis, so he sent a letter to George Lucas and asked if it could be changed.

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Colin Gilpatric wrote to the legendary creator and was surprised to get a thoughtful reply from his studio Lucasfilm:

“It sounds like the Force is strong with you, and you are showing great wisdom by asking your question. To be a Jedi is to truly know the value of friendship, of compassion, and of loyalty, and these are values important in a marriage. The Sith think inward, only of themselves. When you find someone that you can connect to in a selfless way, then you are on the path of the light, and the dark side will not take hold of you. With this goodness in your heart, you can be married.

We enclosed a few gifts that we hope you enjoy. Thank you again for writing to us. May the Force Be With You!”

The boy loved the Star Wars swag, but got more excited when he got his answer. “I can get married!” he exclaimed. “George Lucas is so nice!”

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His mother, Peggy, shot a cute video of Colin opening the package.

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