Red Cross disaster vehicle-newsvideoAn 80-year-old Utah man arrived on the East Coast Monday to help feed evacuees from Hurricane Sandy. Vern Gillmore, who says his hobby is volunteering, joins other Good Samaritans from around the country and Canada leaving their warm homes and heading into the eye of the storm to help neighbors they’ve never met.

“It makes me sad to see some of the devastation that goes on with the hurricanes,” said fellow Utah Red Cross volunteer Tina Spencer, “but it’s just a wonderful thing to see the gratitude on the faces of people that are in the middle of a disaster.”

Volunteers from the Arkansas chapter of the American Red Cross left for the East Coast on Sunday driving two Disaster Relief trucks filled with supplies to help them serve hot and cold food starting today and cleaning supplies to distribute in the coming days.

Red Cross Volunteers will stay on the scene for at least 2-3 weeks or until they are finished providing services.

Meanwhile, utility crews from as far away as Florida and even Canada have sent convoys of trucks streaming into the disaster zone to help restore power and repair dangerous broken power lines expected to impact millions of people in every state from Virginia all the way north to Vermont, according to reports.

– WATCH the Arkansas video below – or READ the story, here.

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