random kindness forms the 93 dollar club, storytellersforgood.comWhen Jenni Ware found herself unable to locate her wallet as she stood in front of the cash register at Trader Joe’s market, a stranger stepped forward to pay her entire $207 bill.

The next day, Jenni sent a check in the mail for $300 to cover the Good Samaritan’s deed — enclosing an additional $93.

A Facebook discussion propelled Carolee Hazard to give the extra money to a hunger charity.

She also sent $93 of her own money, added to Jenni’s $93, and donated the cash to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.

But the kindness didn’t stop there. An avalanche of like donations started pouring in from Facebook friends, eventually totaling $100,000 in spontaneous giving.

USA Today reports the two women, who are now good friends, started the 93 Dollar Club on Facebook to collect donations from around the world to feed hungry families in Northern California.

WATCH the video below, or read the report in USA Today



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