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80% of New England Forests, Once Cleared for Farmland, Have Come Back

Trees have made a stunning comeback across New England, branching out to take over millions of acres of former farmland, and leading to a...

New England Poised to be Key Wind Energy Player

New England is primed to ride a tailwind of advancements in wind turbines for both small and large systems, with the help of...

Lower Risk of Type 1 Diabetes in Children Vaccinated Against ‘Stomach Flu’ Virus

In the study, over 1.5 million children who received the free vaccine were far less likely to develop type 1 diabetes later in life.

Good News in History, May 14

Happy Birthday to director-screenwriter George Lucas who turns 75. Receiving 5 Oscar nominations (including Best Picture) for his 1973 debut film American Graffiti proved...

In Groundbreaking First, Doctors Say They Have Cured Several Infants of ‘Bubble Boy’ Disease

Scientists have developed a groundbreaking new gene therapy treatment for infants born with the life-threatening “bubble boy” disease.

Watch NFL Player Fulfill Lifelong Wish of Beloved Employee By Surprising Him With Super Bowl Tickets

Alfonso Garcia has always wanted to go to the Super Bowl since he was a boy – and now, thanks to his home team, he will finally get to go with his son.

Good News in History, December 29

On this day 80 years ago, a decade and a half after the Irish War of Independence and its treaty-induced interim government, Ireland was born when it adopted its own Constitution. A document committed to democratic ideals that enshrined the people as masters, it also provided the right to every child for a free primary education provided by the State. (1937)

U.S. Just Finalized the Largest Offshore Wind Sale in the Nation’s History

The $405.1 million deal is the latest example of America's growing enthusiasm for wind energy.

Anonymous Man Calling Himself Santa Picked Up the Tab for Dozens of Walmart Customers

Kris Kringle was working his magic for some unsuspecting Walmart customers in Vermont last week. An anonymous man who was photographed wearing a New England...

New Peanut Allergy Drug Shows Life-Saving Potential – and It Could Be Available as Soon as 2019

In what is being hailed as a historic new breakthrough in allergy treatment, this new study shows the “life-saving” efficacy of a peanut allergy drug.

A Wave of Women is Propelled into Congress on History-making Election Night

Yesterday’s election will ensure that the U.S. House of Representatives looks a lot more like the country it represents. A ‘pink wave’ is sending a...

Want to Pay Off Your Student Loans? If You Move to Maine, the State Will Pay Part of Them for You

As a means of drawing in more young minds to their workforce, the state of Maine is offering to pay off student loan debt for struggling grads.

Ovarian Cancer ‘Breakthrough’ Drug Prevents Disease Returning for Years

These “unprecedented” new study results could dramatically improve the livelihood and lifespan of women suffering from ovarian cancer.

Beloved Octopus ‘Whisperer’ Honored for Devoting 8,000 Volunteer Hours to the Creatures

This 84-year-old engineer has spent his retirement changing the way that an aquarium cares for its eight-armed residents.

These Paralyzed People Are Beginning to Walk Again Thanks to Electrical Implant

This groundbreaking new therapy has restored mobility to four paralyzed patients who have not been able to walk for years.

Flood of Boston Hospitality Stuns Polite Tourist Looking for Hotspots

When a man from Liverpool posted a polite, appreciative, humorous appeal for hotspots off the typical tourist track, the locals responded in kind.

Humble Bus Driver Learned From Past Mistakes and Saves Frantic Mom on Vacation

LISTEN to this Good News Guru story here, which was broadcast on the radio June 29th with Ellen K and Geri on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story below… (Subscribe...

Man Was Told His Rare Gold Coin Was Fake – Now He’s Set to Become a Millionaire

“It's like finding an original Picasso at a garage sale. It's the discovery of a lifetime,” said Mark Salzberg, chairman of the antique coin organization that verified the antique's authenticity.

Planning a Lovely Wedding? Now You Can Save a Family Farm at the Same Time

“We’re really excited about bringing this millennial revenue into rural America and that is a very sustainable action,” says the Dartmouth student.

NFL Player Makes Good on His Promise to Return Home and Take Special Needs Girl to Prom

Despite a busy schedule with the NFL, this 27-year-old player was more than happy to return home so he could take a girl with Down syndrome to her high school prom.