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In World’s First Telethon to Fight Climate Crisis, Denmark Raises Millions to Plant Trees

Over the course of just two and a half hours, the event raised enough money to plant 914,233 trees across the European country.

Oil and Gas Rigs Could Soon Be Reassigned to Fight Climate Crisis by Storing CO2 Emissions

Instead of spending millions of dollars on decommissioning oil and gas rigs, new research suggests they could be put to work storing CO2 emissions.

For First Time Ever, Scientists Identify How Many Trees to Plant and Where to Plant Them to Stop Climate Crisis

Researchers have identified exactly where we can plant a certain amount of trees in order to stop the climate crisis in its tracks.

Chicos de Último Año de Secundaria Se Levantaron a las 4am Para poder Palear la Nieve la Entrada de Su Vecina Antes de Su Diálisis

En vez de dormir en un día nevado, un grupo de estudiantes de secundaria se reunieron a las 4:30AM para asegurarse de que una...

Opioid Crisis Breakthrough: Non-Addictive Painkiller Found Effective

This medical breakthrough could make a huge difference for the opioid crisis in America.

Watch Police Officer Handle a Crisis With Toddler Wandering On the Side of Highway

Initially, Mannino thought that the moving shape was a stray dog – but as he got closer, he was startled to see that it was actually a young boy.

Pope Auctions Gift Worth $250K For Christian Communities Destroyed by ISIS

When gifted a special papal-themed Lamborghini, the pope autographed it, blessed it, and announced that it would be auctioned for charity.

How Philosophy Can Solve Your Midlife Crisis

MIT professor Kieran Setiya’s book “Midlife” aims to smooth out the rocky road of middle age. Written by Peter Dizikes MIT News Office A few years ago,...

Christian Church Destroyed by ISIS Rebuilt by Muslim Residents

These young Muslim volunteers wanted to make sure that their Christian neighbors felt loved, welcomed, and appreciated.

$200K Donated Overnight for Soldier Killed Fighting ISIS

It's a familiar story; a soldier is killed while he is fighting overseas, leaving his wife and children behind without a father. And in the case...

U.S. Housing Market Has Regained All Value Lost During Housing Crisis

After the devastating housing market crash of 2006, new data says that American homes are back to a stable value.

US Says 75% of ISIS Fighters Have Been Defeated

Since airstrike campaigns began in 2014, over 50,000 terrorist fighters have been defeated in Syria and Iraq, which has seriously damaged their ranks.

Man Saves 70 People From ISIS Sniper Fire Using His Bulletproof BMW

Despite ISIS snipers firing on the city of Kirkuk, this Iraqi hero saved dozens of lives no matter their religion thanks to his trusty armored BMW.

Iraqi Christians Return to Town Invaded by ISIS to Hold First Mass in 2 Years

The Iraqi town of Qaraqosh had the largest population of Christians in the country – and now they're all finally returning to their home for mass.

Women Who Escaped ISIS Slavery Create Trained Battalion to Fight Back, Rescue Others

The 'Force of the Sun Ladies' are not going to hide while their fellow Yazidi women are enslaved – that's why they're training for a rescue mission.

#TBT: Muslims Flooded Streets to Condemn Terrorism, 70,000 Clerics Issued Fatwa Against ISIS

For "Throwback Thursday," we thought we'd highlight some anti-ISIS activities in the Muslim community that you may have missed in the news during the...

With ISIS Gone, Kurdish Lady Promises to Only Wear Red the Rest of Her Life

As the "Islamic State" known as ISIS retreats, there has been a steady advance of bright colors on the streets of Syrian cities and...

German Shepherd Rescues Troops Pinned Down by ISIS Fighters

When British special forces troops and an American K-9 team were pinned down by ISIS fighters, a heroic German shepherd came to the rescue. It’s...

3D Printing Artist Gives New Life to Artifacts and Sculptures Destroyed By ISIS

There are many different shapes and sizes of rebellion; whether they be emotional, physical, mental, or political. But it takes an artist to rebel against...

Cher and Muslim Groups Deliver Water to Flint City in Crisis

Clean drinking water is flowing into Flint, Michigan again thanks to volunteers and celebrities like Cher. Flint’s tap water became contaminated with lead after the...