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Company Uses NASA Tech to Make Healthy Food ‘Out of Thin Air’ Using Only CO2, Water, and Solar Electricity

This company says that they have succeeded in developing a sustainable protein powder that is made using only CO2, water, and solar energy.

Light Show With 300 Drones Wows the Crowd at NASA Space Center Celebrating 50th Moon Landing Anniversary –Video

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, the Kennedy Space Center put on a drone light show under a full moon with Duran Duran.

NASA is Paying German-Speaking Women Thousands of Dollars to Lie in Bed for 60 Days Straight

If you're a younger or middle-aged woman who can speak German, then NASA might pay you thousands of dollars to stay in bed for two months.

FDA Approves First Depression Treatment in Decades: A Nasal Spray Doctors Can Administer for Quick Relief

Though the treatment has received its fair share of wariness, it could provide immediate relief for patients experience treatment-resistant depression.

NASA Confirms First All-Female Spacewalk in History (Just in Time for Women’s History Month)

Two women are set to make history by conducting the first ever all-female spacewalk – and it's just in time for Women's History Month. NASA...

La NASA Felizmente Reporta que lla Tierra es más Verde, Con más Árboles Que 20 Años Atrás- Gracias a China e India

El mundo es literalmente un lugar más verde de lo que era hace 20 años, y los datos recolectados por los satélites de la...

NASA Happily Reports the Earth is Greener, With More Trees Than 20 Years Ago–and It’s Thanks to China, India

This heartening reserach from the last 20 years has spurred NASA researchers to encourage optimism for humanity's future on Earth.

Watch Ex-NASA Engineer Design Glitter Bomb Trap as Revenge for Thieves Stealing His Packages

An ex-NASA engineer took it upon himself to teach local package thieves a lesson that they will not soon forget.

Watch NASA Scientists’ Emotional Reaction to Successfully Landing Robot on Surface of Mars

The researchers had to orchestrate their robot's landing sequence after it hit the Martian atmosphere going 12,300 miles per hour – and they succeeded.

NASA Engineer Saves Passenger Jet From Disaster When He Spots Malfunction From Window Seat

This commercial flight could have gone much worse if it had not been for an attentive NASA engineer who loves window seats on planes.

The ‘Women of NASA’ Blast-off in New Lego Set

A LEGO fan suggested the idea of honoring women pioneers of NASA–and the new set includes Nancy Grace Roman, Margaret Hamilton, Sally Ride & Mae Jemison.

International Space Station Photobombs Solar Eclipse (And Other Stunning NASA Pics)

Well, it’s over. The great North American solar eclipse tracked across America as crowds gazed into the heavens with their protective eye glasses in...

NASA Wants to Send Your Uplifting Message to Voyager 1, the Most Distant Spacecraft Ever

If you have ever received an inspiring message inside of your 40th birthday card, now is the time to share it with NASA. Voyager 1,...

NASA Responds on Facebook to Climate Change Deniers Who Dissed Bill Nye‘s Science

When climate change doubters misrepresented NASA findings in response to a Facebook post by Bill Nye, the space agency launched a series of corrections...

New Nasal Spray is Simple Treatment for Overdoses, Could Save Thousands

The U.S. government cleared the way last month for a cheap, easy-to-use nasal spray that reverses the effects of a drug overdose — and...

Astronauts Grow Salad Greens, Eat Fresh Food in Space, a NASA First

Astronaut cuisine has always consisted mainly of freeze-dried foods, but now a freshly grown vegetable garden is taking off. Astronauts aboard the International Space Station tweeted their excitement...

NASA Discovers Most Earth-Like Planet Yet In the “Goldilocks Zone”

Planet hunters at NASA have found what they’re calling Earth’s “older, bigger cousin,” and believe it’s our strongest lead yet to finding advanced life...

NASA Device Finds 4 Buried Victims in Nepal by Detecting Heartbeats

Four men trapped under 10 feet of bricks, mud and other debris were rescued in Nepal thanks to a heartbeat detection device developed by...

Ex-NASA Engineer to Plant One Billion Trees a Year Using Drones

A start-up plans to help solve the world’s climate problems by using drones to plant forests of seedlings. “We are going to counter industrial scale...

Nasal Spray Helps Alzheimer’s Patients Regain Some Mental Function

An insulin nasal spray has shown it can boost memory and other mental functions for people with Alzheimer’s. Patients in the early stages of...