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In Landmark Case, More Than 200 Wild and Endangered Animals Rescued From Canadian Roadside Zoo

More than 200 exotic animals have been given a second lease on life after they were rescued from an unaccredited roadside zoo in Quebec.

After Spending 7 Years in Hawaii Shelter, Dog Finally Adopted By Couple Visiting From Michigan

This “plump pup” has finally been given a forever home thanks to a fateful encounter with a Michigan woman who happened to be visiting Hawaii.

Good News in History, April 10

75 years ago today, Rudolf Vrba, a Jewish teenager, and Alfred Wetzler, 26, escaped from the Auschwitz (Birkenau) Nazi death camp, bringing the first...

Hundreds of People Are Saving Feral Felines From Death in NYC By Adopting Them as ‘Worker Cats’

There are thousands of feral felines living on their own in the United States – and with some cities scrambling to control the increasing...

Hamster Stuck in a Tiny Pipe for Almost a Week is Rescued Thanks to a Miniature Handmade Ladder

When a hamster got trapped in a tiny pipe, this RSPCA worker had the perfect solution for how to rescue him.

This Guy Has Fed Dogs of the City’s Homeless for 5 Years; Now He Has Bigger Plans

Paul Crowell has been a guardian angel to the homeless dogs of San Francisco for the last five years – and now, he wants to do more.

Girl Figures Out Perfect Way to Get Dad to Finally Say Yes to Adopting a Puppy

An 8-year-old girl employed a cunning approach to convincing her father to adopt a puppy – and it has led to hundreds of shelter donations, dozens of cute dog pictures, and a dad resigned to cleaning up animal poop.

Less-Adopted Black Cats Have More Suitors Thanks to New Marvel Movie

Black cats are less likely to be adopted than their differently-colored counterparts. But the latest Marvel flick to hit theaters may be changing the superstition.

Cat Saved From Deadly Anti-freeze Thanks to Vodka Drip

While vodka is usually notorious for hurting people's health, it may have saved one of this cat's nine lives. A sick feline who was found...

Miracle Dog Honored for Bringing Owner Out of Coma

This pawesome little pup is being hailed as a “miracle dog” after he woke up his owner from a medically induced coma. This isn't the...

Farmer Rescues Kittens From Flood With Broom Handle and Baby Wipe Box

This 24-year-old farmer might be the new Macgyver after he rescued two kittens from rising flood waters with just a broom handle and baby...

Watch Patrick Stewart Turn to Mush as He Meets New Foster Pup

Ginger the pit bull may have just been given the best foster home in Hollywood: the loving arms of Sir Patrick Stewart. Professor X made...

Abandoned Baby Otter Being Nursed Back To Health

A baby otter found alone by the side of a river in the United Kingdom is being watched around the clock by rescuers. //

Dog Escapes Shelter to Track Down Woman Who Fed Him Treats

Ted the German shepherd-Akita mix and Abbey Boyd the SPCA worker became a match made in heaven after cheese-flavored bacon strips brought them together. Ted...

Police Rescue 104 Puppies From Car Crash Site

When New York state police arrived on the scene of an automotive accident, they were shocked to discover a crashed transport vehicle that had been carrying...

More Than 800 Animals Find Loving Homes Thanks to One Woman Paying All Adoption Fees

Kim Pacini-Hauch doesn't care about what price she has to pay – she just wants to make sure that every shelter pet in Sacramento has a loving home.

Adoption Rates Up, Euthanasia Down in Canadian Animal Shelters

This new survey of Canadian animal shelters shows an exciting decline in euthanasia and intake, while adoption rates have gone up.

Record Number of Cats Adopted on Black Friday

Over 130 animals in total were given forever homes this Black Friday thanks to the special ASPCA adoption event in Manhattan.

Koala Rescued From Backpack During Routine Traffic Stop

An Australian woman was detained during a traffic stop – when police asked if she had anything to declare, she told them to open her backpack.

Rescued Pit Bull is Showered with Love From the Police Who Saved Her (LOOK)

This sweet pup has been given a second chance at life – and by the looks of these sweet photos featuring her best friends at the NYPD, it's gonna be good.