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Three-Story ‘Water Battery’ Has Already Slashed University’s Electrical Costs By 40% in One Month

By storing the energy from 6,000 solar panels, this university is powering all of its air conditioning—which is the largest contributor to energy costs.

This Carbon-Negative Vodka is Brewed ‘From Thin Air’ Using Solar Power, Water, and CO2

In what is being hailed as a “world-first”, this vodka is brewed using only simple ingredients: air, water, solar electricity, and CO2 from the air.

Mexican Student Develops New Form of Rubber Road Pavement That Repairs Itself When Exposed to Rainwater

By melting recycled tires and other additives into a putty, this student has developed a new form of self-repairing road pavement.

U.S. Contributes to $100 Million Public-Private Partnership to Preserve Wetlands and Waterfowl

$28 million in new funding from the US will be tripled by partner grants, helping to preserve some of the most delicate park ecosystems in the U.S..

Americans Who Drink This Much Water a Day Are More Likely to Report Feeling ‘Very Happy’

Is drinking water the secret to feeling happy? Probably not, but this new survey says that it may be indicative of a person's happiness. A...

Drought-Proof ‘Cooling Houses’ Use Saltwater and Cardboard to Grow Tons of Healthy Produce in the Desert

Just ten square miles of these plantations could produce enough crops and vegetables to feed a country of four million people.

Watch Joyous Reactions of Restaurant Workers After Man Tips Them Thousands of Dollars for Water

This YouTube star uses his position of internet fame to give thousands of dollars to unsuspecting strangers—and this video is just another example of...

Scientists Use Tiny Spring Magnets to Harmlessly Dissolve Microplastics in Water

The researchers managed to use the little springs to cleanse water samples of microplastics over the course of just eight hours.

You Butter Believe It: Cornell Researchers Make New, Healthy Spread Made Almost Entirely of Water

Scientists have discovered a new method for making a healthier food spread that tastes like butter—except it is made almost entirely from water.

Watch Youngsters Challenge Strangers on the Street to Watergun Fight During Hot Summer Day

When temperatures got particularly high in Virginia last month, two pranksters took it upon themselves to offer some watery relief to pedestrians.

Company Uses NASA Tech to Make Healthy Food ‘Out of Thin Air’ Using Only CO2, Water, and Solar Electricity

This company says that they have succeeded in developing a sustainable protein powder that is made using only CO2, water, and solar energy.

We May Soon Be Able to Use Ultra-Thin Slice of Wood to Safely Clean and Drink Salt Water

Researchers have successfully used a slice of wood measuring 500 micrometers thick to distill water with 20% more efficiency than regular methods.

50-Year-old New Yorker Being Hailed as ‘Highway Hero’ After Clearing Floodwaters From Freeway in Her Crocs

Daphne Youree was not about to wait for city officials to take care of the flooded expressway—so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Teen Awarded $50,000 Science Fair Prize for His Method of Removing Microplastics From Water

This 18-year-old brainiac has just been awarded Google's Science Fair Grand Prize for his ingenious method of collecting microplastics from water.

Another Victory Against Plastic: These Water Brands Will Soon Be Packaged in Aluminum Cans

As a means of contributing to a more circular economy, PepsiCo will soon begin packaging their water brands in aluminum cans.

For the First Time in 17 Years, No Whales Will Be Harpooned in Icelandic Waters

Due to a shrinking demand for whale meat and the expansion of nationally protected waters, whaling companies have abandoned their summer hunting season.

Inspired By High School Book, Scientists Create Rose-Shaped Water Purifier That Only Costs 2 Cents to Make

Scientists have created a cheap, portable water purifier that is modeled after the shape of a rose thanks to some poetic inspiration from Alexandre Dumas.

Teen Girls Have Raised Over $1.5 Million for Clean Water Simply By Embracing Their Love of Origami

Thousands of people around the world now have clean water thanks to two teen girls who love the ancient art of origami.

Instead of Paying for Kayak Rental, You Can Paddle These European Waterways for Free By Picking Up Trash

You can now paddle for two hours along dozens of European lakes and rivers for free – and all you have to do is collect floating garbage along the way.

Just Add Water: New Salt Battery Could Help Spell the End of Fossil Fuels

This new pilot program in Berlin could help to replace fossil fuels with salt batteries as a sustainable source of heat storage.