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Because His AirBnb Guest Had a Heart Attack, Man’s Ingenuity is Now Saving Thousands of Lives

If it wasn't for an Argentinian writer having a heart attack at the home of Javier Artigas, he may have never had the chance to save thousands more people as a result of the AirBnb review he received afterwards.

The ‘Airbnb of Parking Spots’ Wants to Pay Your Parking Tickets This Month

Are you annoyed by recent parking tickets or facing fines because you forgot to move your car until it was too late? Well, if...

Airbnb Hosts Are Opening Their Doors to Hurricane Evacuees

Families and residents fleeing their homes on the Eastern seaboard are being welcomed by total strangers wanting to make a difference.

Airbnb Hosts Give Free Refuge to Those Escaping Dark Night of Wildfires

Ordinary… that’s how the evacuation day started for Patrick Diamond—yet, imminently, he would experience an extraordinary generosity among strangers in the AirBnb community who...

Van Gogh Painting Recreated As Actual Bedroom to Rent on Airbnb

That room is just as pretty as a picture – as a matter of fact, it's exactly as pretty as Vincent Van Gogh's famously...

‘Airbnb’ for Refugees Matches Migrants To Europeans Volunteering Homes

This week, GNN has been covering the positive global efforts to help Syrian refugees – from the Finnish Prime Minister opening up his home,...

Couple is Shocked to See Themselves in the Same Tourist Photo From Years Before They Met

They had both been in the faraway city on account of their mothers, too.

The 10 Commandments of Startup Success with the Co-founder of LinkedIn

Reid Hoffman has dabbled in almost every successful Silicon Valley startup – and he has some tips on how you can start your own.

Tabletop Robotic Arm Reduces Language Barrier, Turns Speech into Sign Language

These engineering students noticed a significant shortage of sign language interpreters in the world – which is why they created a robotic arm to...

Woman Realizes the Old Dog She Just Adopted Was Same One She Had as a Child

  Instead of reading, you can also HEAR the story told by The Good News Guru (GNN’s founder, Geri) on KOST 103.5 Radio this week. It's been...

Can Online Bots Build Peace?

[youtube] Republished with permission from Peace News Network (Written by Kate Roff) Online ‘bots’ are normally viewed in a negative light, but this social enterprise...

Woman’s Ingenious Invention Generates Electricity Using Wind From Trains, Subways

A pilot series of the Moya Power textiles have already been installed along the Crossrails in London.

World’s First Hand-Painted Movie Honors Vincent Van Gogh and You Can Finally Watch it Now

The film is made up of over 65,000 frames – all of which were painted separately by a team of artists imitating Van Gogh's painting style.

5 Amazing Ways People are Aiding Hurricane Harvey Evacuees

Hurricane Harvey might be considered quite a natural disaster – but America has definitely risen to the occasion in more ways than one.

Rerelease of Rare Salvadore Dalí Cookbook is as Bizarre as it is Tasty

If you thought that Salvador Dalí was just an artistic genius, you will need to check out this cooking masterpiece now available on Amazon.

Two Van Gogh Paintings Found After Being Stolen 14 Years Ago

After being plucked from the Van Gogh Museum in 2002, these two Dutch masterpieces have been found. The Seascape at Scheveningen from 1882 and Congregation leaving...

Download 2000 Magnificent Turn-of-the-Century Art Posters, Courtesy NY Public Library

Hundreds of high-resolution posters from the dawn of modern graphic art are now available to download for free thanks to the New York Public...

Unique Actions By Tech Companies Helped Millions Be Safe in Paris

If you had friends or family in Paris over the weekend, you might have been notified by Facebook that they were “safe” – and...

3 Heartwarming Scenes of Europe Cheering for Refugees Arriving by Bus (WATCH)

In the last two weeks, the willingness of German and Austrian residents to provide sanctuary and aid appeared to be boundless, as thousands of...

New Diplomacy Dawns in Cuba as U.S. Embassy Reopens After 54 Years

Fifty-four years ago, the United States broke diplomatic relations with Cuba, and three young Marine guards completed a final duty in Havana: lowering their country’s...