Are you annoyed by recent parking tickets or facing fines because you forgot to move your car until it was too late? Well, if you live in Los Angeles, this company wants to pay your parking tickets for you.

Pavemint is a California-based app that lets users reserve and sell their own parking spots. Described as the “Airbnb of parking”, the innovative business doesn’t just allow city residents to make money off of their unused parking spots – it also saves drivers the stress of having to search for a free spot on confusing city streets.

Pavemint also proves to be an environmentally-friendly alternative to drivers having to search block after block for open parking.

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After spending years of dealing with annoying parking trouble within the city, Randall Jamail first got the idea for the organization back in 2015 while he was attending a college football game.

Jamail told Good News Network: “I noticed a number of residents standing outside their homes, selling off their spare parking spaces for cash. As I drove by them, suddenly the gears clicked fully into place; what if these residents didn’t have to stand outside their homes selling parking on gameday? What if they could simply download an app and list their private spaces on a peer-to-peer marketplace, connecting them with drivers searching for parking, either in advance or on demand?”

“As I did more research, I realized that not only would an app like the one I envisioned help residents make extra income without extra work, and help people get wherever they needed to go more quickly, it would also reduce CO2 and traffic, thus improving the environment,” he added.

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Though the app has over 4,000 parking spots listed within Los Angeles, the service currently only operates within the city – but Jamail says that they plan on expanding to more cities in the future.

In the meantime, however, Pavemint is celebrating the holidays by kicking off their Month of Giving initiative.

From now until December 29th, Pavemint will be paying the LA parking tickets of five followers every week for up to $250 in value. All you have to do is post your story on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook and tag the company for a chance to be nominated.

To kick off the initiative, two of the company’s workers took to the streets in search of unfortunate drivers who had received parking violations so they could surprise them with a “golden ticket”.

(WATCH the sweet video below)

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