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Sean Parker Gives $250 Million for Immunotherapy Cancer Research

Sean Parker, known as the co-founder of Napster and first president of Facebook, has just donated $250 million to create a new center for immunotherapy...

Accidental Discovery of New T-Cell Hailed as Major Breakthrough for ‘Universal’ Cancer Therapy

Once the researchers determine the mechanism of the revolutionary new T-cell, they hope to trial the treatment by the end of the year.

US Cancer Rates Continue Decline With Largest Ever Single-Year Drop in Cancer Mortality

The record-breaking decline in cancer mortality between 2016 and 2017 equates to 2.9 million people saved from the disease.

Healing Dose of Optimism: The Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs of 2019 Will Have You Cheering

In just one year, scientists managed to regrow tooth enamel; use stem cells to restore blindness; and identify molecules for fighting the worst cancers.

On 95th Birthday, Jimmy Carter is Still Proving Age is No Obstacle as He Builds Homes for Humanity

Not only is the 39th US president now the oldest in history, he is also celebrating his 95th birthday by building houses for those in need.

Dad Develops New Treatment for Peanut Allergies With Almost No Side Effects After Son Suffers Severe Reaction

The treatment, which is now awaiting FDA-approval, could be a groundbreaking new form of therapy for children and adults with severe peanut allergies.

Husband-Wife Duo Has Developed ‘Gene and Cell Therapy’ Cancer Vaccine Now Being Tested on Patients

Since the vaccine was shown to be safe and effective on naturally-occurring tumors in animals, the treatment is now being tested on human cancer patients.

Researchers Used Natural Gut Bacteria to Prevent—and Reverse—Food Allergies in Pre-clinical Trials

Scientists have identified several strains of bacteria in human guts that can be used to prevent – and even reverse – allergies.

He Was Called Foolish for His Research; Now Documentary Tells How He Won Nobel Prize for ‘Cancer Cure’

Jim Allison has been the quiet hero behind some of the most ground-breaking medical research of the last quarter century—but before he won the...

Jimmy Carter Has Now Lived Longer Than Any US President – and At 94, He is Still Making a Difference

Despite setting the record for the oldest US president, Jimmy Carter is still spending his golden years making the world a better place for everyone.

New Peanut Allergy Drug Shows Life-Saving Potential – and It Could Be Available as Soon as 2019

In what is being hailed as a historic new breakthrough in allergy treatment, this new study shows the “life-saving” efficacy of a peanut allergy drug.

A Woman Given Months to Live From Advanced Breast Cancer is ‘Cured’ in World First

For the first time in world history, a woman with advanced stage breast cancer was “cured” thanks to an experimental new therapy. Judy Perkins, a...

New Brain Cancer Treatment for Terminal Patients is Shown to Be ‘Remarkably Promising’

Ordinarily, these brain cancer patients would not live longer than 17 months after their initial diagnosis – but after undergoing clinical trials for a...

Lung Cancer Patient Given a Year to Live is in Remission Thanks to Cuban Vaccine

“When they told me I had a year to live, I said I was going to prove them wrong. I didn't know how, but I was going to prove them wrong.”

‘Kate Winslet Saved My Life’—Now Cancer-Free, Young Mom Can Raise Her Baby, Thanks to Kate and DiCaprio

After spending the last four years fighting three different forms of cancer, a young mom in England has finally been cured – and it's...

Cancer ‘Vaccine’ Eliminates 97% of Tumors With Amazing Success – Human Trials Next

The vaccine was found to eliminate tumors of the breast, colon, and melanoma varieties – and the shot is currently much cheaper than most immunotherapy treatments.

Let’s Examine the Myth That Big Pharma Doesn’t Want to Cure Cancer

The pharmaceutical industry has delivered substantial health advances to humanity over the last several decades. They have developed medication that has prolonged the lives...

New Cancer Drug is So Effective Against Tumors, the FDA Approved It Immediately

This groundbreaking new drug for cancer treatment was immediately approved by the FDA in light of its revolutionary effects on tumors across the body. The...

Skin Patch to Treat Peanut Allergies Will Benefit Children

By giving kids low doses of peanut protein through a skin patch, this treatment showed great clinical benefits to treating allergies.

Jimmy Carter Stops Treatment as Cancer Seems to Have Vanished

After being cancer-free for nearly two months, former President Jimmy Carter announced Sunday that his doctors say he no longer needs treatment.