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Fed Up With Expensive Medications, Hospitals Are Banding Together to Make Their Own Drugs

Instead of allowing pharmaceutical companies to continue manipulating the drug market, this group of hospitals are taking a direct stance against price gouging and shortages.

CVS is Now Offering Allergy Medication at 1/6th the Cost of the EpiPen

The drugstore titan is selling an EpiPen dual pack at $109.99 in response to Mylan hiking up the product's price to $600.
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Study: Talk Therapy May Trump Medication For Social Anxiety

"New research in The Lancet Psychiatry suggests that for people with social anxiety, talk therapy may be a better option than medication," writes a...
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Mail Carrier Saves Man Who Went 3 Days Without Medication

For two decades Mickey Wheeley has delivered the mail to the same residents every day, so he knows something about these apartment dwellers. The observant...

Pfizer Offering Free Medications for Recently Unemployed

Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer announced today that it will provide uninterrupted prescriptions for free to unemployed Americans and their families who have recently lost their...

Watch Pilot’s Spectacular Rescue as he Lands Rear of Helicopter on Mountain Peak

The whole rescue operation only took about 30 minutes, but judging by the nature of the mission, it looks like a pretty intense half-hour.

Young Boy Sells All His Toys to Care for a Service Dog Who Helped Save His Life

This youngster will stop at nothing to help save the Doberman who has cared for him through all of his anxiety and health issues.

Kind Cop Replaces Stolen Groceries for Man Who Fainted From Diabetes in the Parking Lot

When a “groggy-looking” customer walked up to Koryciak in a Walmart, she did not hesitate to help the man, even if it required opening up her own wallet.

FDA Approves First Ever Drug Designed Exclusively to Prevent Migraines

Patients in the clinical trials for the drug said that they did not even experience any more side effects than patients in the placebo group.

In Latest Breakthrough, Scientists Successfully Regrow Brain Tissue That Was Damaged by a Stroke

The results of the research showed success in stroke treatment that “had not been seen before.”

This One Peptide Could Treat MS, Alzheimer’s, Crohn’s, and More

After observing the drug's efficacy against a multitude of currently incurable diseases, this scientist wants “to do everything possible” to make his drug a widespread treatment.

Alzheimer’s Patients Here Gain New Attitude on Life After Being Given Baby Dolls to Care For

While baby dolls normally bring out the nurturing instincts in children, they are now producing joy in a whole new demographic. A chain of assisted...

An Air Force Investigator Browsing the Internet Ended Up Saving an Airman’s Life

This Air Force rookie had simply been browsing through posts on the Air Force Reddit page when he noticed a concerning question from another user.

Magnetic Brain Treatment Erases Suicidal Thoughts in Dramatic Portion of Depressed Patients, Study

All of the study participants were diagnosed with hard-to-treat depression, but this non-invasive treatment was shown to erase suicidal thoughts in an impressive amount of the patients.

Why Sleep is More Important Than Diet and How it Reversed Bone Disease

This renowned nutritionist did not think he was ever going to recover from his bone disease until he changed his lifestyle so he could get a better night's sleep.

After Securing Release of 2 Men From Decades in Prison, Woman Ensures That No One Will Suffer Same Fate

Thanks to the determination of a New Orleans judicial advocate, thousands of juveniles have been freed from potentially spending a life behind bars.

Treatment For Autism to Start Trials After Successful Testing, Good For Alzheimer’s Too

The therapeutic agent, which could also be used to treat Alzheimer's, showed great success in reducing social anxiety and improving memory function.

On Women’s Day, Government Launches Biodegradable Sanitary Pads

The hygiene products will also only cost a measly Rs. 10 – which is roughly $0.15 a pop.

How Mindfulness Shattered My Pain Perception

Instead of resorting to medication, this woman used the greatest pain management tool of all: her mind.

Thrilled Toddler Yells ‘Dad!’ After Adoption Decree is Announced

Mandi and Tyler Palmer have been working tirelessly to ensure that little Hunter would join their family. So when the judge finally made it official, he couldn't help but let out an adorable exclamation of joy.