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Woman Runs to Save Drowning Boy and Winds Up Saving His Pregnant Mother, Too

This 35-year-old woman has never worked as a lifeguard before, but her quick thinking helped to save a small family earlier this week.

NASA Engineer Saves Passenger Jet From Disaster When He Spots Malfunction From Window Seat

This commercial flight could have gone much worse if it had not been for an attentive NASA engineer who loves window seats on planes.

With Park Funds Dwindling, Woman’s Endowment Could ‘Save Lives’ in National Forests for Years to Come

“This funding comes at a pivotal time for Washington’s three largest national parks,” Sarah Creachbaum, Olympic National Park's superintendent, said in a statement.

Cop Writes Amusing “Police Report” of Furry Carjacker Found on His Windshield

Everyone needs a break from the seriousness of life – including the police. This officer in particular took a break from fighting crime to write...

Woman’s Ingenious Invention Generates Electricity Using Wind From Trains, Subways

A pilot series of the Moya Power textiles have already been installed along the Crossrails in London.

Gym Gives Free Lifetime Pass to Refugee Boy Staring Longingly Through the Window

After a boy's heart-wrenching photo went viral on social media, the owner of a local gym became determined to help grant his wish.

Woman Reunites With Heroic Firefighters Who Saved Her After She Fell 150 Feet From Window

Taylor Theriault experienced a terrifying ordeal when she fell out of a 15th story apartment window during a party last December. The 26-year-old Denver woman...

There Was So Much Wind in Germany Last Week, Consumers Were Given Free Energy

The storms in Europe last weekend did not just bring chilly weather – they also brought free energy to Germany. When energy output goes into...

Wind and Solar Power Has Likely Saved Up to 12,700 American Lives, Study Says

This new study asserts that not only is renewable energy good for the health of the earth – it is also good for human...

World’s First Floating Ocean Wind Farm is Set to Start Powering European Coastline

These five windmills – all of which are larger than Big Ben – are set to make up the world's first floating wind farm in Scotland.

Scotland Blows World Away With Wind Power Equal to 118% of Nation’s Electricity Needs

Scotland has just broken a renewable energy record by generating the equivalent of 118% of the nation's electricity for six days – solely through...

Parking Officer Takes Pity on Driver After Finding Note in Windshield

This sympathetic police officer wasn't about to punish a driver for making safe decisions. Officer Jim Hellrood was making his rounds for parking control on Thursday...

Man Leaps Through Window of Moving Car to Save Seizing Driver

A heroic 39-year-old didn't hesitate to jump into the window of a moving car in order to assist a random driver suffering from a seizure. The endangered driver...

Company is Offering to Retrain Coal Miners as Wind Farmers For Free

As demand for coal drops further and further in light of expanding renewable energy sources, more and more American workers are faced with unemployment and...

Watch Stag Climb to Elderly Woman’s Window Twice a Day For a Snack

This 80-year-old woman may not be Snow White – but she's enchanted quite a wild friend to keep her company in the woods. Every day...

McDonald’s Worker Jumps Through Window to Save Cop

McDonald's employee Pedro Viloria is being hailed as a hero after he jumped through a drive-thru window to save a customer who had fallen...

Woman Finally Finds Boy Who Left Note for Stolen Windchime

Christina Reitz has been searching for the boy who left a heart wrenching apology note and $5 bill on her door – and now,...

All Electric Dutch Trains Now Run 100% On Wind Power

The Netherlands kicked off 2017 by announcing that all of their electric trains are now powered solely by wind energy.

Shimmering Leaves in Paris are Actually Tiny Wind Turbines

These metal trees popping up around Paris may be small – but they're powerful examples of functioning urban sustainability.

400 Students Sing Breathtaking Tribute at Window of Teacher With Cancer (WATCH)

When this high school teacher stopped his chemotherapy sessions after a long battle with esophageal cancer, his students wanted to be there for him. That's why 400 teens...