arkani-hamed.jpgA new visionary voice in the field of particle physics is only in his mid-30s, but is distinguished as one of the leading thinkers. One of his theories — that there are at least 11 dimensions — will finally be tested this summer using a new $10 billion particle accelerator in Switzerland. “We’re essentially guaranteed that there’s going to be something surprising,” said Nima Arkani-Hamed, who was lured away from his Harvard professorship to Princeton where Einstein practiced until his death. “If the results confirm any of Arkani-Hamed’s predictions, they would be the first extension of our notions of space-time since Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity,” reports CNN in their fascinating report of May 9 .


  1. I can only hope to be a part of a world of that cares enough about its inhabitants to focus on and dream of that which is eternally good. He who says it cannot be done hasn’t speaks of what he sees and hears and not what actually is.
    Thank You for your work!

    As Author and Philosopher Wayne Dyer once said, “You inspire me.”

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