waitress gets surprise tipA dying man’s last wish was to impact a stranger, to make their day with a lasting gift.

While alive, 30-year-old Aaron Collins, a computer technician, didn’t have the means to make it happen. After his death on July 7, Aaron’s family set about to fulfill his wish, ordering a pizza and leaving the waitress a $500 tip.

The family invited his friends to contribute money to help make good on his request.

At Puccini’s restaurant in Lexington, Kentucky, the family dined on pizza, and then presented their very lucky server with $500, videotaping her reaction for all to enjoy. Two million people have viewed the video on YouTube in the last week.

Aaron’s brother Seth introduced the video, saying “We think he just wanted to provide a random act of kindness and generosity for someone he thought was under appreciated; the kind of thing that would make a lasting impact they would never forget.”

Watch the video below…

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