We are so blessed. For real. Need proof?

Let’s do an exercise right now…

Look around at the abundance that surrounds you. See this incredible scene that you are blessed to look into and the furniture that you might be sitting on.

Notice the photos, art, decorations, environment, and beautiful things that might be surrounding you.

Look outside and see how plentiful the world is. See the cars, trees, birds, food, and resources around you.

Open your address book and look at how many people are in your life.

Say thank you.

We are surrounded by abundance. We have supermarkets that offer produce flown in from around the world so that we can experience a massive variety of foreign fruits and veggies. We have roads bustling with thousands of cars, buses and taxis. We have millions of people ready to help anyone in need. We have a supply of fresh air. We are truly blessed.

Often we focus on lack rather than abundance. We get caught up in everything we don’t have rather than focusing on everything that we do.

There is a fear that has been reinforced through our industrialized society that insists that we never have enough; and even if we do have enough, everything might be only moments away from disappearing.fearless-living-CC-MichaelLoRusso

3 Myths That Keep You From Living Fully and Fearlessly


If there is one way to be happy today, it’s by focusing on how much you have and expressing gratitude for it.

Imagine the possible shifts in your perspective as you are actively and consciously looking for proof of abundance.

Please join me in this journey by posting your best #ProofofAbundance pictures on social media.

Be sure to use #ProofofAbundance and tag me in the photo so that I can enjoy it too!

Together we can have a ripple effect of gratitude and abundance on each other and beyond!

Much Love and BIG smiles,

Michelle Ploog
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(Photo Credit: Simaje, CC)