A new video tells the story of Kate Ogg and her husband David, whose newborn son was about to die in 2010 — or, so the doctors told them— after being born a twin 14 weeks premature.

Doctors worked on the baby for 20 minutes and said there was nothing left to do and gave the infant to the mother.

“He was cold and I just wanted him to be warm.”

Mrs. Ogg took off the blanket and ordered her husband to remove his shirt because she wanted as much body heat around the tiny bare body as possible. She placed him so he might hear her heartbeat and tried to “entice him into staying.”

“We told him he had a sister and her name was Emily… and that he needed to look after her.”

Astonishingly, the child, named Jamie, suddenly began to move and breathe and he opened his eyes.

Johnson Baby made a short film using home videos and photos to illustrated Kate’s remarkable story, posting it on YouTube in February.

Today, Jamie is a vibrant five-year-old, whose siblings joke about the incident. Their parents launched a fundraising appeal in September called Jamie’s Gift (on Facebook) to provide premature birth support to Australian families.

(WATCH the video below) Photo credit: Kate Ogg / Story tip from Jürgen N

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