hospital-IV-bag-Superman coverThe first step in overcoming disease might be believing in the cure. But how can such a positive mindset be nurtured in scared children and families who are facing chemotherapy treatment?

Big applause to global advertising giant JWT for enlisting the world’s top super heroes to help kids believe in the power of healing medicine.

JWT paired two of its clients, a Brazilian cancer center with Warner Bros., who enlisted their Justice League comic book illustrators to create superhero stories that transform chemotherapy into a “Superformula.”

“We made covers for intravenous bags based on characters from the Justice League,” said the advertising company, “creating, for the first time, a child-friendly version of the treatment.”

Co-developed with doctors, the hard plastic covers are easy to sterilize and meet all hospital hygiene standards.

superhero cancer storyline“To give these covers a more powerful meaning, we started to produce a special series of cartoons and comic books in which the superheroes go through experiences similar to those of kids with cancer, and recover their strength, thanks to this ‘Superformula’.”

JWT went far beyond the covers by also giving the Children’s Ward an entire makeover: the game room was turned into the Hall of Justice, corridors and doors were decorated with Batman, Superman and the whole gang.

The nurses and clinicians at the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo are “super” impressed by the transformation and the new storylines that persuade children and their families to believe.

WATCH the video below…

Thanks to volunteer Autumn Chilcote for submitting the story idea!

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