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Forget habits like drinking and over-eating–the newest wave in stress relief has arrived in the form of crayons and markers.

Grown-ups everywhere have begun taking part in a phenomenon known as “adult coloring,” using specially designed books that are a bit more complex than those created for children.UNICEF-art-therapy-after-earthquake-Nepal

Art Therapy Helps Children in Nepal Cope After Earthquake


“It allows us to be innocent again, in some respects,” coloring book enthusiast Shyla Jannusch told NBC News.“Coloring is also meditative for me, because I just forget everything else and live in the moment.”

Jannusch said she believes adult coloring books (see some of them here on Amazon) may have become a favorite pastime for adults because it offers a sense of nostalgia. She hosts coloring parties and started her own Facebook group, Coloring for All, to spread the fun.

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