Peyton Manning-with Army sgt from Alaska-familyphoto

When Kristen Patterson sent quarterback Peyton Manning an inspiring letter about her husband, she never expected a response from the NFL superstar and so didn’t include any contact information.

Yet, after reading about Army Sgt. Ryan Patterson, who during two tours in Afghanistan would set alarms at odd hours of the night just to hear the Broncos’ football games, Manning requested the team’s public relations team try to find her.

The only problem was, the couple and their 10-month-old daughter had recently moved 3,950 miles away… to Fort Wainwright in North Pole, Alaska.

It took three months but the Broncos tracked down Patterson’s phone number through an Alaska utility company and sent word to Kristen through a sheriff to arrange a surprise meeting in the couple’s hometown of Cincinnati, where they would be staying for the holidays.

(READ the story from the Indianapolis Star)

Story tip from Joel Arellano


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