Chuck_and_Elicia_James-Monmouth_County_SPCAChuck James and his wife, Elicia, lost their dog Reckless in superstorm Sandy when their fence was destroyed. Just his collar remained, caught in the fence..

After giving up hope of ever finding their friendly terrier-pit bull mix again, they finally decided to adopt. When they arrived at the Monmouth County SPCA, a miracle was waiting.

“Literally when we opened the double doors, the first cage we walk up to I thought ‘that looks like Reckless,’ ” Chuck James said. “He was a little heavier and it’s been a little while, but then my wife saw the scar on his head and immediately we start tearing up and we found our dog.”

(READ the story in the Asbury Park Press)

Thanks to Lisa M. Bauman for submitting the link! – Photo courtesy of Monmouth County SPCA


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