air-car-large.jpgIt’s not every day that we get to drive a car that could change the world. Then again, maybe this is just another bizarre footnote in the rush to develop zero-emissions vehicles.

This car runs on air, taking 2 minutes to fill up giving a 100 mile range. Cost is just 2 cents a mile and it emits zero pollution. No expensive batteries ever need to be replaced. They’re fun to drive with fast steering response and come in 3-or-4-wheeled versions. Filling stations are much cheaper to set up than hydrogen power (it’s just a very powerful air pump).  Plans for extending range and power include running gasoline and air combined, with the addition of a small device. 

The 2010 MDI AIRPod emits no emissions and runs on nothing but compressed air. Yes, it sounds like another one of those crackpot inventions, but we traveled to Nice, France, for an exclusive test of the world’s only “air car.” And here at the research and development center of Luxembourg-based Motor Development International (MDI), the AIRPod seems like more than just a bright idea.

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