A man who lived with a severe disability for decades in an Oregon nursing home created a collection of amazing artwork using only a typewriter.

Paul Smith was born in 1921 with cerebral palsy, but could still type using one finger, and the ‘paintings’ he created are extraordinary.

typewriter-art-by-PaulSmith-YoutubegrabAs a young man with limited movement, he discovered that he could use the symbol keys on the top row of a typewriter to create shading and forms, even replicate the Mona Lisa.

He moved the paper around and used both black and colored typewriter ribbons to get the desired effects.

Broadcast journalist John Stofflet shared Smith’s story on YouTube last year, after covering it for Seattle’s NBC station in 2004.

(WATCH the inspiring video from KING-5 News below)

Paul Smith died at age 85 in 2007, having never married. According to Wikipedia, his art was published in several books.

Story tip from Honey Lamore


  1. That is simply incredible! I couldn’t draw a straight line without a ruler and a team of experts to help me. He likely died with a smile on his face knowing that he’d left his mark in such an extraordinary way.

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