sleeping-boy.jpgIn the modern world, most of us live in a supercharged society where energetic activity always seems to take precedence over the simple common sense awareness of our basic need to get enough sleep. In fact, our active lives can be so enticing, so interesting that we get to the point where we actually begrudge the need to slow down – and simply – get enough sleep.

Consider for a moment some of the negative results of a constant habit or way of life where you never get enough sleep: a malfunctioning of the brain occurs; reaction time slows down; ability to focus attention is impaired; memory lapses; the ability to think creatively suffers; you feel drowsy and lack good judgment in both minor and critical situations.

Studies show that most adults require six to eight hours of sleep in every twenty-four hour day, totaling one-third of our entire life. It has also been demonstrated that people who get enough sleep are more productive and happier than those who do not get enough sleep. In short, the people who decide to be well-rested by getting enough sleep, are the people who become more productive as well as better companions to family, friends and business associates.

When you pause long enough to think about sleep and it’s many benefits, you’ll soon realize sleep is just as important to your overall health as exercise and eating fruits and vegetables.

Let me give you a personal example: As a creative person, I find myself in the role of one who is constantly thinking about, coming up with and generating brand new ideas. Because my waking hours are so interesting and exciting I used to think sleep was a waste of time. There was a time when I almost hated to go to bed. The result of my lack of sleep was that my work suffered, and my good ideas became fewer. Then, by trial and error I must admit, I became aware of the many benefits of sleep. For instance, some of my most creative thoughts come to me while I am – you guessed it – sleeping. When I am asleep, I’m relaxed and my creative subconscious thoughts can intertwine and mingle with my conscious thoughts using no effort on my part. Amazing!

Thinking can require hard work but when I am fresh and rested, after a good night’s sleep, my thoughts are usually clear and right on target.

terry-weber.jpgSo, if you want to live a more productive, happier life you need to pay attention to the many benefits that can be yours during the hours you invest in getting the right amount of sleep. It is a fact that instead of a waste of time, sleeping can be some of the most productive hours of your whole life.

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