German daughter thrived on CARE packages growing upA now-67-year-old German woman finally got to thank in person an 88-year-old American woman for her middle-class family’s generosity toward ‘the enemy’ after World War II.

The American family had made sure that life was just a bit more bearable for a German war widow and her young daughter, by sending 70 boxes of clothes, food and supplies –one every month, or so, for years.

Now, after all those years, the daughter traveled to America and wanted to find the American family — the Benjamins — and thank them personally.

Mr. Benjamin considered Hitler and the government the enemy, but the people as victims. He signed up at his church to provide CARE packages, but instead of just donating money for supplies, he made it a personal mission to get to know the family and to bridge the ocean of distance and experience that divided them.

(READ the FULL story from the Seattle Times – watch a short video interview, below)

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