Believe mural scratched in beach-AndresAmadorAndres Amador spends a lot of time on beaches creating artworks, but he doesn’t use a paint and brush. He relies on a rake — and the Northern California coastline as a canvas —  to create intricate designs in the wet sand, which last only hours, until the tide comes in like a wet eraser.

His expansive artwork, like that of snow artist Simon Beck, spans hundreds of square feet and is a delight for beach combers lucky enough to gaze upon his finished designs.

“Its fun,” says the 42-year-old from San Francisco. “I get to be at the beach.”

Called Earthscape Art, his beach paintings were inspired by the markings made in the sand by his walking stick.

SEE more of his amazing work on his Facebook page, and his website,, where you can buy prints.

beach painting Andres Amador

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