Portland Trail Blazers basketball star, Jermaine O’Neal has an angel…at least his mother thinks so.

He was trapped in his car in a ditch after a truck slammed into him and left the scene in early December.

It was, “real scary. . . . The car was smoking a lot. I was just praying to God I would survive. I thought I was hurt real bad.”

He was bleeding and the air bag was in his face while he tried to open the door. It wouldn’t open; and he couldn’t move his legs.

Then, he looked up and saw someone walking toward the car. And in a twinkling O’Neal was out.

“He got me out somehow, set me on the ground and just walked away, I guess. It was the funniest thing. I didn’t have a chance to say thank you. Nobody else but me saw him, and when I turned around, he was gone. My mom said the guy was an angel. It makes you wonder!”

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