Dozens of bird species across the South Pacific have been listed as endangered, or nearly so, after non-native rats began eating their eggs. The predators, having arrived on visiting boats, are threatening to wipe out entire bird populations.

This made Angry Birds’ creator, Rovio Entertainment, well…angry.

The popular mobile app swooped in to fight back with their latest installment, “Tropigal Paradise.” It features 26 levels of play, but more importantly raises awareness about — and money for — the endangered birds.

Rovio partnered with BirdLife International in a crowdfunding campaign to raise $150,000 that will pay for boats, bait-spreading helicopters and expert conservationists who will carefully vanquish the rats from the French Polynesian islands of Kamaka and Manui, protecting the eggs of two endangered bird species there.finless porpoise-WWF-KentTruog

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BirdLife International has already rescued 30 South Pacific bird species from extinction on islands in five countries.

With 10 days to go, there’s still time to help transform Angry Birds into happy birds and raise the money needed to meet their goal and score a win for the stunning real-life birds of French Polynesia.

And your contributions can earn you rewards — including digital artwork featuring cartoon versions of the real-life birds on the islands, a chance to name one of the characters in the new version of Angry Birds and a photo of a personalized thank-you note written in the sand of Kamaka Island.

(WATCH the video below and READ more at EcoWatch) – Images from BirdLife International

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