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Her car was barely drivable after multiple run-ins with deer on roadways. She covered two windows with plastic and cardboard and held together the front end with a strap.

Cindi Grady was depressed because this might be the second Christmas without a tree and few presents for her disabled son. As a server at the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Branson, Missouri, she didn’t know how she would pay for it all.

Then, while at work, she got a $20 tip — twice the normal size — and thought things were looking up. The couple at the table had been semi-regulars in the restaurant over the summer.

Suddenly Cindy’s boss told her to put down the tray and follow her. She was wracking her brain to figure out what she had done to warrant a conference with management, but instead of the office, she was led outside to the parking lot where the couple was standing next to a silver car with a red bow on it.

“They told me they had seen me come to work all summer in my shabby car and wanted to bless me with a 2008 Ford Fusion,” wrote Cindi on Facebook.

Gary and Roxann Tackett from Quitman, Arkansas handed over the keys and paperwork to the car they had just purchased especially for Cindy. “It’s not new, but it’s new for you,” the Gary said as he held open the door for her.

“You’ve gotta be kidding me,” she said through tears. “No way.”

“I’m still shell shocked,” she wrote later. “Now I can concentrate on catching up with my bills so my son can enjoy the upcoming holiday as well…This year is so much different thanks to the Tacketts.”

She even put deer whistles on her new car to alert the animals to stay away.

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