sandbuckets.jpgTake a look at some of the gifts I have in store for everyone who signs up in the next 7 days — during the 11th anniversary of the founding of Good News Network! (photos below) I also have some free gifts for my loyal members!


All those who sign up for a paid membership at the mid-level price of $47 for a full year of good news, receive in the mail a new canvas GOOD HAPPENS bag, plus a link to free download of the full electronic version of “Parables for Life in the 21st Century”. You will also receive a coupon for 15% off the fabulous book A Touch of Greatness, which has been at my bedside this summer.

For all you prosperous readers who want to sign up for the $97 annual membership plan, you will receive all the goodies in the $47 bag, plus a signed copy of the new book, 20 Life Lessons (from your dad) sent directly to your home. It is a self-help, motivational book like no other — formatted like a  children’s book, but with messages to inspire every age.

goodie-bag-cu.jpgI will be sending all my current members a fantastic download from my mentor, Marlene “Stop Your Drama” Chism, 3 Success Myths and 4 Lies that Keep You Stuck.

Stay tuned to your e-mail for that!

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