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Seventy Australian and New Zealand firefighters arrived in the United States last week, ready to go wherever wildfires were burning, reports the Associated Press.

Grateful Firefighters in Washington state welcomed the reinforcements from Down Under, as they battled the largest wildfire in the state’s history.

“‘The Aussies are coming!” said Rick Isaacson, a spokesman for the Okanogan wildfires.Aceh-boat-on-roof-iloveacehDOTblogDOTcom

The Boat That Landed on a Roof and Saved 59 People

The Canadian neighbor to the north sent more than 30 BC firefighters last week to join the efforts on the front lines.

Meanwhile, about a dozen American Samoa crew members were flown in to battle the Horse Fire burning in Northern California since mid-August.

Idaho, West Virginia and other states have also sent devoted fire crews to help out.

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