The Boat That Landed on a Roof and Saved 59 People

The Boat That Landed on a Roof and Saved 59 People

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When the tsunami swept through Banda Aceh in Indonesia 10 years ago, the Basyariah family became trapped on the top floor of a house – the water was up to their necks and rising fast.

But they launched an amazing escape when a boat became lodged on the roof.

Today, among the newly-built homes in Lampulo village you will still find an extraordinary sight: a huge fishing boat perched atop two houses.

During the village’s reconstruction the 75ft-long wooden vessel was preserved right where it landed, as a reminder of nature’s power and a beacon of hope.Raudhatul_Jannah-Indonesian-girl-reunited-w-family

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It has also become a popular tourist attraction, which has boosted the revenues of local businesses.

One of the people saved that day by the appearance of the ‘Noah’s Ark’, local businesswoman Fauziah Basyariah, told the BBC, “If it had not been for that boat we would all have drowned because none of us could swim.”

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