jigsaw-piece.gifThe symbol for Autism, a jigsaw puzzle piece, means more, now that a Hawaii-based jigsaw puzzle company is looking for autistic artists for its new fundraiser, The Autism Puzzle Project.

The company, Connections, whose slogan is, Jigsaw Puzzles for Healing, has launched a project to create a line of jigsaw puzzles featuring art by Autistic adults and children that will be used to raise awareness of Autism and also raise funds for various organizations supporting Autistic individuals and their families.

The most exciting aspect of the project will be the opportunity provided directly to ASD individuals to earn extra income through artist royalties.

“What’s so great about this initiative” says company owner, Trish Barker, “Is that it’s not only a unique opportunity for people with ASD to get involved with fundraising and awareness efforts, but all puzzles sold will generate a royalty to the artist, so they help themselves — and other Autistics — and get paid for it!

The company is currently accepting art submissions from Autistic individuals of all ages. Details of the project can be found by contacting the company directly at 808.344.4435.

Connections, Jigsaw Puzzles for Healing (www.connectionspuzzles.com) was founded in 2006 by Trish Barker to provide individuals with a healthy, mindful experience through her unique line of jigsaw puzzles featuring healing and spiritual art.

Autism is a condition affecting 1.5 million Americans. It’s growth is on the rise, but our understanding of it’s causes and treatments is still incomplete, hence the symbol for is the jigsaw puzzle.

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