When the folks at Edgar’s Mission in Australia found little Soda Pop, she was not in good shape.

The lamb seemed very determined to live, though, and Pam Ahern, Founder and Director of the animal rescue, was determined to find a way that could help her walk again.

lamb-in-tote-bag-edgars-mission-videoPam fashioned a tote bag with four holes in it, one for each leg, and held little Soda Pop up as she tried to help her gain strength in her legs.

Within a few days, the little lamb seemed happier after all the nursing and all the little kisses Pam gave her.

“Her wonderful story is an important reminder that our greatest glories lie not in falling, but in rising every time we fall,” said Pam.

By the end of the week, Soda Pop triumphed and was walking on her own.

Edgar’s Mission documented the lambs journey to recovery in a series of videos.

(WATCH the moment she first walked below) Photos: Edgar’s Mission

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