Most human children are delighted by the sight of snow – and this 2-month-old white rhino is no different.

Zohari is a sweet little pachyderm who was born at the Toronto Zoo on December 24th.

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As a means of entertaining their young resident, the staff made two little piles of snow in his enclosure earlier this week so they could film his joyous reaction.

Zohari, who had never seen snow before, spent the afternoon excitedly sniffing, eating, charging, and rolling around in the powder – and the video footage of his antics is astonishingly cute.

(WATCH the video below)

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  1. This is actually the most depressing thing I’ve seen all week. That horrid enclosure and two measly lumps of snow. Sorry I really dont like it. Give the baby somewhere nice to play, somewhere with a touch of space and wilderness about it.

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