new-ballet-memphis.jpgAl Roker of the Today Show went on a nationwide tour to Lend A Hand to five charities in need. He helped raise $3 million, but the highlight for me was the New Ballet School in Memphis which offers low-income and troubled students the inspiration to dance — hip hop style, flamenco, or ballet — regardless of their ability to pay.

New Ballet Ensemble is the professional company of performers who dance on main stages or in schools where they engaged students and recruit kids for scholarships.

Katie, the founder, calls the arts a necessity for kids.

“Dancing was the one thing that made sense for me.” said a student whose live was changed. “If they had never found me, I probably would have been in jail.” Now the student is mentoring inner city kids and credits Katie as his guardian angel.

WATCH the video below, or see more LEND A HAND projects from Today Show...

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