112-year-old Richard Overton is not only thought to be the oldest man living in America, he is also the oldest living veteran – and his family was heartbroken to discover that he was recently the victim of identity theft.

The WWII vet from Austin, Texas made headlines in the past for being the subject of an incredibly successful GoFundMe campaign that raised money for Overton’s housing and medical care. In addition to surviving Pearl Harbor, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima, he is also an avid fan of smoking cigars, drinking whiskey, and driving his truck to church every Sunday.

Overton appeared in the news again earlier this week when he discovered that someone had used his social security and bank account numbers to make several withdrawals from his finances over the last few months.

Though his family did not disclose how much money was stolen, Richard’s cousin Volma said that it was a “significant amount.”

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Fortunately, Bank of America volunteered to restore all of the stolen funds.

“Man, I teared up,” Volma told the Associated Press. “I couldn’t believe it. They made it happen. The executive of the company said he’d take care of this, and he took care of it.”

A spokesperson for the company said that the bank, local police, and federal authorities have all been investigating the crime to find who was responsible.

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