Hurricane Irma has impacted almost everyone in Florida, transplanting many from their homes and disrupting their lives. Something as simple as not having a bank branch nearby with which to do business could lead to late fees, surcharges from non-associated ATMs, etc.

One bank is doing their part by easing that bit of worry for its customers.

Stearns Bank had to close its branches in the cities of Sarasota, St. Petersburg, and Venice on Friday, and announced the last of those effected offices will reopen today.

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To help their Florida customers while they recover from Hurricane Irma, Stearns is waiving fees in three categories.

  • For consumer & business checking and savings accounts, they will waive overdraft fees from Sept. 8th–25th
  • They will waive – or refund – late fees on loan payments for 3 months (Sept. 12 – Dec. 12)
  • They are refunding surcharges for any ATM transactions incurred between Sept. 8th–25th

“Stearns Bank feels this is the very least we can do considering the impact the hurricane has had on the region,” said the company in a press release.

“If you’re affected by Hurricane Irma and need financial assistance or have questions on accounts you hold with us, call 1-844-256-BANK (2265) so we can help.”

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