Luo Wenjun is a master of the “cheapest instrument in the world” – and he wants more people to learn how to play it.

Though it may sound peculiar, Wenjun makes music by blowing on leaves with his mouth.

The technique was originally developed to imitate the sounds of insects, although people quickly realized that they could use the unique chirping sounds to make music.

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Hailed as the best leaf blower in China, Wenjun has been playing the leaf for over 30 years and his skills have brought him to dozens of musical stages around the world.

As a means of keeping the tradition alive, Wenjun also hosts private leaf blowing lessons for students ranging in age from 7 to 70 years old.

Wenjun hopes that his efforts will help to preserve the cultural technique for many more generations to come. Additionally, he wants to bring the joy of leaf blowing to more people – which is why he offers a quick lesson on the basics of leaf blowing in the video below.

(WATCH the charming video below) – Photo by Great Big Story

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