gabi mann with crow familyphoto-LisaMann

A little girl from Seattle has developed a routine of feeding the local birds. In return, she has been rewarded with shiny trinkets and gifts delivered by their own beaks.

Gabi Mann’s relationship with the neighborhood crows began accidentally when she was four and regularly dropped food on the ground. But later, when she began feeding them daily, gifts started appearing.

The BBC reports, “The crows would clear the feeder of peanuts, and leave shiny trinkets on the empty tray; an earring, a hinge, a polished rock – anything shiny and small enough to fit in a crow’s mouth. “

“When you see Gabi’s collection, it’s hard not to wish for gift-giving crows of your own.”

(READ the story from the BBC)

Story tips from Joel Arellano and Dianne Cunningham

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